Career Coaching Services

Looking for a new job is a full-time job in and of itself. You can ask your network for career advice and receive a myriad of opinions based on their preferences and experiences, including where they would “like to see you go.” Or, you can have highly experienced and proven professionals guide you every step of the way, using objective, data-driven tools and solutions.

We don’t just find you your next job. We help you perform an introspective, deep dive on your entire professional path, through critical assessments, identifying your true skills and style. We utilize impactful tools that make lasting impressions on how you view yourself and your capabilities.

When it comes time to identify that right next role, we are there with you every step of the way. We represent both sides of the hiring process, and back up our reputation with results. Andrew Laven is an experienced and skilled recruiter who has provided advice to thousands of candidates at all levels, to revise their resumes, LinkedIn presence, and interview preparation strategies. He provides valuable perspective from the job-seeker side of the equation. Ashley Herd is a former Head of HR and General Counsel with experience at leading organizations including McKinsey & Company, Yum! Brands and Modern Luxury Media. She provides an insightful employer-side perspective. We have collectively reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed thousands of candidates, and placed or hired hundreds of job seekers.

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Our Services Include

Search Strategy

What do I want my career to look like? Is now the right time to make a move? How much of a salary increase should I try and get? Am I going to price myself out of the opportunity? Should I entertain a counter offer? What about the job after this job?

We help you navigate your approach to all these questions, while performing world-class assessments and analysis as part of our packages. We provide you the inside tips and tricks to ensure you’re standing out from the competition and that the right people are seeing your resume. First, we find out how you truly think and what helps you perform the best. Then, we use this knowledge to help you navigate the search process. Of course, you can find a new job for yourself without assistance… but why walk the path alone when you can have experts guide you along the way?

LinkedIn Design

Your LinkedIn needs to frame your professional experience in the right light. Having a distinct online presence adds credibility to you and your search.

Many people don’t list the specifics of what they do. Your headline, summary, photo, and experience all matter. Even your settings can matter to ensure you are seen.

Interview Expertise

We help you prepare for your interviews every step of the way, from what to wear to how you tell your personal story to framing answers to likely questions you’ll face, to the questions you’ll want answered.

We provide the practice and polish so you feel and perform confidently every step of the way.

Resume Revamp

A resume is a nuanced document. Little changes can make a world of difference. Your resume is the first impression you make as a job-seeker. It’s the interview before the interview.

We take your CV and make stylistic changes to make it more aesthetically appealing while also reviewing and editing it substantively, highlighting what you’ve done and where you want to go.