Patagon Search brings a retained search model to contingency recruiting. What does this mean? It means that we conduct every search from scratch. Unlike many other recruiters, we don’t rely on our “inventory” or “matrix”. All of our searches are 100% completely proactive. Other firms will “post and pray”. Posting an ad and hoping they yield candidates who happen to be a fit for your specific need. We figure you can post an ad without our help (and will reduce the cost of any placements by the amount you’ve spent on such ads). We go out into the market and actually search for you. And we do so with urgency and a dogged approach. Not giving up until/unless we’ve filled your role or exhausted all efforts. This has resulted in a “fall off” (candidates lasting less than one year) rate of less than 5%.

We also offer an extremely competitive rate and protective guarantee. We don’t get paid unless we make a successful placement. And even then, you’re protected by our post placement guarantee. There’s really no reason NOT to compare our candidates to your own efforts.